JRuby: Ready for Prime Time

Nick Sieger

Presented by: Nick Sieger

Talk Description

JRuby development has been advancing at a blistering pace over the past year, closing in on its goal of being a mature, stable alternate implementation of the Ruby language. Performance gaps with C Ruby are narrowing each week; Rails runs with 90%+ of Rails core tests passing; Java versions of popular C-extension packages such as Mongrel and Hpricot have appeared, showing that JRuby is a viable platform for Ruby applications.

In this talk I’ll present an up-to-date status on JRuby, discuss implementation pros and cons compared to C Ruby (e.g., native threading), and demonstrate an application or two that hit JRuby’s sweet spot, including deploying Rails to a Java application server.


Nick Sieger is a member of the JRuby core team since December 2006, and has been programming Ruby for two years and Java for too many. In addition to JRuby contributions, he has written some miscellaneous Ruby bits to for using RSpec with Autotest and generating XML reports of test/spec runs, among others. He maintains a blog on mostly-Ruby and JRuby-related topics at http://blog.nicksieger.com/.