Jay Phillips

Presented by: Jay Phillips

Talk Description

Adhearsion is a relatively new Ruby-based metaprogramming framework primarily for VoIP engineering with the popular, open-source PBX Asterisk. Adhearsion effectively takes over Asterisk’s internal instructions and replaces them with its own Ruby DSL which does the job orders of magnitude better. I’ll be speaking about how Adhearsion makes Ruby programmers overnight VoIP programming experts with the extreme ease and development efficiency it brings to the table. This presentation will focus on the Ruby aspects of Adhearsion and show how powerful Asterisk can become with Adhearsion calling its shots—specifically with VoIP integration into a Rails app, writing pure-Ruby dial plans, integrating your VoIP app with a database (something seldom done, believe it or not), how VoIP functionality can be exchanged (another thing seldom ever done), using Adhearsion’s internals over DRb, etc.


Jay Phillips is a passionate hacker and open source evangelist turned entrepreneur. Jay is the mind behind Adhearsion, a new open-source meta-programming framework bringing people, businesses, and technologies closer together than ever. With his company Codemecca LLC, Jay helps companies achieve newfound value in their VoIP deployments by tapping Adhearsion’s many strengths.