Nominate a speaker

Posted January 19 2013 by Francis Hwang

GORUCO speakers come to our attention in a few different ways. Most of them simply respond to our CFP, but we also invite speakers to speak or simply to submit a proposal. Over time, we have found that a combination of the different approaches gives us the best possible set of proposals to choose from.

When we reach out to people to ask them to submit, we draw on our personal knowledge of who we think would do well at GORUCO. But of course, we can't know everybody.

So perhaps you can help us with that. If you know somebody that you would like to see speak at GORUCO, please use our nomination form to tell us. We'll review each nomination when we make speaker invitations.

Thanks in advance for your help. The more people we have to choose from, the better program we can offer to all of our attendees.